Hey, you badass business owner—

I see you… kicking ass and taking names when it comes to serving your clients—even though your copy currently feels a little off.

I get how daunting it can be to hand over something as critical as your sales page or launch emails to someone who hasn’t been there since Day 1.

I understand how difficult it can be to sketch out a new funnel and be completely overwhelmed by all the different pieces— not to mention writing the words that’ll make them werk.


But guess what?

It is possible to get a bird’s eye view of your business strategy.

To create an email-based funnel that brings in the BIG clients you love to work with.

To go from “no idea what I’m doing” to “no openings til next quarter”.

And you don’t have to do it alone.


Nod emphatically at your screen if
the following sounds like you:

  • You started your business because you love the freedom, excitement, and Total Control that come with being your own boss, but some days the never-ending grind gets you down.

  • You get a good number of clients through online networking and word of mouth, but a system for deliberate lead generation is not exactly something you have in place.

  • You’d LOVE to Launch (capital L) your fab new package, course or service to your list, but the idea of sitting down to write those emails has got your whole body saying Nope (capital N).

  • You don’t mind writing blog entries or popping out a newsletter on a regular basis, but pitching to your email list makes you feel guilty/slimy/uncool/weird.

  • You feel guiltily discouraged when you read about other business owners (in the very same niche!) having crazy successful months-- especially when they’re new to the scene...

  • You sometimes have to paste on a smile when asked how your business is doing - it’s fine - but you’re still not having the kind of success you dreamed of when you picked that domain name and said, “this is what I do now.”

Neck hurting yet? Then let’s get introduced.


Hi, I'm Katie Peacock

Conversion copywriter and funnel strategist.
Strategic partner and secret weapon of adventurous women entrepreneurs.

I help women entrepreneurs make their money-making dreams come true… by making their copy waaaay more effective.

How? I bring strategy and storytelling to the copy in your funnel, so that you can make a deep, emotional connection with your ideal clients.


After working with me, my clients feel confident that they have an email funnel that will turn their readers into buyers… and they love the clarity that comes from knowing what to say at each point of the sale.


Do you want to: 

  • Work exclusively with people who get you and love what you're doing?

  • Turn your list into a money-making machine and make your business unbelievably profitable? 

  • Promote the pants off a new offering with a tailor-made sales funnel (and be incredibly proud in the process)?

  • Make your next launch your biggest one yet while helping your customers make the right choice for themselves?

  • Reach your full potential and make more money through your online business than you ever thought possible? 

Then check out my packages and let’s make your sales happen.

Heya, Katie here.

I help women entrepreneurs build more profitable online businesses by using deep market research to write high-converting landing pages, email sequences, and sales pages.

Because these are the key places your messaging makes you money.


I love this work because I get to support women who are fulfilling themselves through their businesses and lifting others up with them.


A few notes on how I got so good at this: 


> I've been a very persuasive only child since 1987, and wrote my first book, "How to get what you want" when I was 10. Unfortunately, my dad found it and the draft was confiscated with a smirk.

> I wrote a Master's thesis on the emotional experience that romance novels offer their readers. Translation: I studied how what you say and don't say + how you package it can engage and captivate your audience.

> For the past five years, I've been studying marketing masters like Marie ForleoJoanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers, and Ramit Sethi. Learning from the best and immersing myself in the world of email marketing, conversion copywriting, and the psychology of persuasion.

So that I can put that expertise to work for you. 

10x Landing Pages Badge of Completion (1).png
10x Launches Badge of Completion.png

You deserve to experience the freedom of making decisions without money on your mind. What does that look like? 

  • Booking last minute flights to anywhere, whenever the mood strikes you. 

  • Taking time off to spend with family, friends, or on radical self-care.

  • Buying that new car/bag/phone/office chair/barbecue/whatever as soon as you need it. Or want it. Before your last one falls apart.

  • Your voice on podcasts. Your name on guest posts. Your face in people's minds when they think of your niche. 

  • A lot more pride, joy, and happiness, and a lot less guilt, shame, and equivocating the next time you tell someone IRL that you run an online business. 

  • Ordering whatever. you. want. in any restaurant. 

  • Saying "yes!" to great opportunities, whether its a gorgeous designer dress or an invite to a destination wedding in the Dominican.


Your conversion copy is your 24-7, never-goes-on-holiday, never-calls-in-sick, never-even-needs-to-grab-a-snack salesperson. 

So if your copy's not doing its job, you're missing out on an opportunity to have your sales funnel do the hard work for you.


Find out how I can
whip your copy into shape.