There’s something strikingly unique about you.

A perspective that only you see. A talent that only you have.
An impact that only you can make on the world. 

Once you’ve identified what that is,
you’ve got to flaunt it.

You can't get lost in a newsfeed. Or be drowned out by content overwhelm. 

Wondering how to (re)connect with your list after 3 months of ghosting them? 

Dreaming of your own die-hard fans, who can’t get enough of your offers?

Ready to launch a new product or service to the Internet version of a standing ovation? 

Katie in Balham.jpg

...I can help with that. 

Hi, I'm Katie Peacock 

Strategic partner and secret weapon
of adventurous women entrepreneurs. 

I'm a conversion copywriter and funnel strategist.

I write copy that's smart, clear, snappy and effective.

You focus on the work you love.

I’ll write you kickass copy that gets your audience hooked
on your voice, your value, and your offer. 

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When you’re looking for them, you can see principles of persuasion and decision-making at work all around you.

Check out my blog, Copy + TV, for copy and conversion lessons from real life (i.e. books and Netflix).

I read Outlander so that you don’t have to. (JK! You should ABSOLUTELY read Outlander.)

"Hold up— wtf is conversion copy?"

Conversion copy is how you talk to your customers anywhere you’re making an ask online .

It's how you make your hard work pay off.  

The foundation of any funnel, conversion copy is about coaching your customer to make the right choice for herself. 

"Can’t I just write my own copy?"

Sure you can. But your business needs you working in your zone of genius. And that's not writing your own copy. 

This is my vocation. I love it. And I can squeeze more money out of the words in your funnel.

So you don't waste time pitching your product with crappy copy. 


"So can you help me..."

"…write emails that get me more leads for my service-based business?"
Yup, that's exactly what I do.

"...launch an awesome new product to my kind-of-meh list?"
YAS I love work like this. 

" with my audience to the point of us finishing each others… sandwiches?” Absofreakinlutely.


So let's talk.

We'll cover what you need, what I can do, and how much it'll cost to get you juicy, irresistible, and crazy compelling copy.  



"Before I found Katie, I was stuck trying to figure out the best way to write an email sequence to sell my online course. It was taking me forever, and I know I wasn’t doing the best job. Now I’ve got an entire email sequence that is engaging and ready to use.

Katie made it look so easy, and the initiative that she took really let me focus on other areas of my business. She was extremely communicative and creative, and she delivered even more than she promised. I will definitely work with her again in the future!"

Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of

Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of



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