If so, then you probably already know…

That your subscribers’ first few days on your email list are crucial.

Because they’ll never be more interested in getting to know you and what you can do for them than they are right after they sign up.

So a welcome sequence is the perfect, automated, set-it-and-forget-it way to turn your new subscribers into buyers.

But for some reason… you still haven’t written yours.

Maybe it just hasn’t been a priority. (Cobbler’s children, etc.)

Maybe you sat down to start, but The Resistance held you back.

Maybe you’ve been staring at your screen for days, trying to get it right, but you just can’t figure out what to say and where.

In the words of the wise Laura Belgray:
”If you’re not using a newbie sequence when people sign up, you’re leaving money on the table
and subscribers on the floor.”

And that’s not what you want!

When you have a Roadmap that tells you…

  • Exactly which emails to send and what goes in them

  • How to write a subject line that will get your emails opened

  • How to schedule your sequence in your email marketing platform

Suddenly, writing your welcome sequence becomes a helluva lot easier to start.

Your (Profitable) Welcome Sequence Roadmap…
not only lays out the exact steps you need to take to write a welcome sequence that turns subscribers into buyers,
it also gives you 7 simple tips to maximize the impact of your emails.

So you can stop:

  • Putting off writing one of the most important sales funnels your business will ever have

  • Feeling like you’re dropping the ball every time you get a new subscriber

  • Second guessing everything you write, only to hit delete and start again the next week.

  • Writing weekly newsletters to a list who’re less engaged than your iPhone-obsessed teenager at the dinner table


And start:

  • Building a relationship with your subscribers that positions you as The Only Solution for their needs

  • Effortlessly directing your leads towards the offer that’s right for them

  • Letting your emails do the selling for you, so you only sit down to sales calls with prospects who know the value of what you have to offer.

Sound good?

Get yours now ↓


Hi, I’m Katie Peacock.
Conversion copywriter and funnel strategist. 
Strategic partner and secret weapon of adventurous women entrepreneurs.

I help women entrepreneurs make their money-making dreams come true… by making their copy waaaay more effective.

How? I bring strategy and storytelling to the copy in your funnel, so that you can make a deep, emotional connection with your ideal clients.