Words on a page.

That’s all copy is.

But when you’re selling your product or services online, it’s also all you’ve got.

Sure—your branding, web design, and positioning play their parts.

But you connect with your customers through your copy.

You prove you know their pain, and you’ve got the remedy they’re looking for.

And when your copy’s just right,
it makes all your hard work more powerful.

Your lead magnets lead to real sales.

Your offers hit all the right notes—so they feel like a no-brainer.

And launches give you major leverage… so that you actually get to enjoy your extraordinary life.

Your conversion copy is key to unlocking the success you’ve been working towards in your online business.


"Before I found Katie, I was stuck trying to figure out the best way to write an email sequence to sell my online course. It was taking me forever, and I know I wasn’t doing the best job. Now I’ve got an entire email sequence that is engaging and ready to use.

Katie made it look so easy, and the initiative that she took really let me focus on other areas of my business. She was extremely communicative and creative, and she delivered even more than she promised. I will definitely work with her again in the future!"

— Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of www.ivyladder.com

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We can work together in a variety of formats,
but the core aspect of my work that always stays the same is this:
I write the words that make you money. 


Conversion Copy + Strategy in Four Easy Packages:


The Sells-Itself
Sales Funnel

Your own personal Dream Team of deliverables…

Includes a completely custom sales funnel for your premium product or service. From ad copy to sales page and the emails in between, every step of your funnel will be optimized to sell without you even having to get out of bed.

The result? Feel like you’ve finally mastered this online-business thing when the *ping*ping*ping* of payment notifications starts to become a pain in the ass.

The Web Copy + Welcome Sequence

Your online sales sidekick, with excellent follow through

Copy for the most important pages on your site (Home / About / Work with me) optimized for maximum impact and connection with your ideal clients. Plus, a welcome sequence that wows, woos, and turns new subscribers into buyers like what?!

The result? An online presence that takes work off your plate by attracting the right people and matching them with the right product or service.


The Day Rate

Like a movie makeover montage for your uncool copy.

When you need conversion copy fast and you need it to be good— the Day Rate Deal gets you in my calendar, stat. You choose the project; I do the heavy lifting.

And it all gets done in a day.

The result? Progress! Clarity. Dolla-dolla-bills.
You move forward in your business, knowing you’ve got the copy covered.

The Elevated Copy

The easiest way to upgrade your copy, everywhere

Want to make sure your copy’s on point, every. damn. day? The Elevated Copy Experience gets you in my calendar, on the reg. So that we can make sure that every aspect of your funnel is optimized to convert.

The result? You’ve got top-of-the-line conversion copy, everywhere it makes a difference, without having to hire a new contractor or start a new project every time you need a pro.

Wondering which package is right for you?
Need something outside-the-box?

Let’s talk.


“When I first came across Katie’s site, I felt such a strong connection to her copy that she was the only copywriter I considered.

It was like she was reading the thoughts running through my head. I figured, if I was so inclined to reach out to her based on her copy, I was convinced she could do the same for my business.

Katie brought more than just amazing copy skills to the table—she took initiative and anticipated my needs. I told her a bunch of my disconnected thoughts and ideas, and she turned them into copy that’s not only cohesive, but downright mesmerizing!

Katie is one of those pros who has killer abilities, but a bit of humility about them too. She is professional and focused on the outcome, but still genuine and interested. She delivered what she said she would, and it’s clear that she’s an expert in what she does.

I found Katie through a recommendation, and I’m going to be the person recommending her from now on. Front row. Fist pumping the air.”

— Kate Webster, www.toserve.co