Words on a page.

That’s all copy is.

But when you’re selling your product or services online, it’s also all you’ve got.

Sure—your branding, web design, and positioning play their parts.

But you connect with your customers through your copy.

You prove you know their pain, and you’ve got the remedy they’re looking for.

And when your copy’s just right,
it makes all your hard work more powerful.

Your lead magnets lead to real sales.

Your emails create loyal fans… who can’t wait to become customers.

Your offers hit all the right notes, so they feel like a no-brainer.

Your launches give you major leverage… so that you can enjoy an extraordinary life.

Your conversion copy is key to unlocking the success you’ve been working towards in your online business.


"Before I found Katie, I was stuck trying to figure out the best way to write an email sequence to sell my online course. It was taking me forever, and I know I wasn’t doing the best job. Now I’ve got an entire email sequence that is engaging and ready to use.

Katie made it look so easy, and the initiative that she took really let me focus on other areas of my business. She was extremely communicative and creative, and she delivered even more than she promised. I will definitely work with her again in the future!"

— Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of www.ivyladder.com

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We can work together in a variety of formats,
but the core aspect of my work that always stays the same is this:
I write the words that make you money. 


Which one of these sounds like you?

austin-smart-blue texture-unsplash.jpg

“I need conversion copy from scratch”

“I need to fix my existing conversion copy”

“Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! I am so appreciative for your guidance, not only in tweaking the current content but also in giving me some general guidelines and principles to work with!  As you were pointing things out, particularly the fact of not leading people away from the sales page, it suddenly seemed so clear! I’ll be going back through your review point by point to finish the page.”

— Julie Stone, www.sopranojam.com

Thank you so much! This was incredibly helpful. I think I vaguely knew my page wasn’t doing everything it could do or should do and your clear assessments were perfect to help me see it from the outside!
— Natalie Symes,

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