Because it feels sooo good
to have the confidence that your copy is irresistible.


Let’s get real for a second…

You know these are two of the most important pieces in the complex puzzle that is your online marketing strategy:

The copy on your website.

And those first emails you send your new subscribers.

When you’ve got those pieces just right, your copy becomes your 24/7 sales person…

Meaning that you get to relax into your Zone of Genius. And act like the successful CEO that you are.

Because when you know that your services are selling themselves, while your opt-in is kicking ass and taking names…

…before following up to capture hearts…

You can be the chillest of entrepreneurs.

You can actually ENJOY the payoff of all the work you’ve done to build your biz to where it is today: Absolutely thriving.

And when your web copy isn’t connecting?Or your emails are missing the mark?

You’ll feel it… in your wallet.

As your most attractive offers get overlooked.

The traffic to your site bounces around before leaving for good.

Your opt-in is gathering dust from lack of interest.

And you have to hustle, hard, for every successful sale.

Let’s agree on one thing right now—
those days are behind you…right?

(Waits for you to nod emphatically at your screen)

Happy to hear it!


My Web Copy + Welcome Sequence package is perfect for you IF:

  • You’re an in-demand service provider, coach, consultant or course creator who’s on the brink of the Next Level in your online business

  • You want to bring your brand up to date with your current level of awesome (high!) with knock-out web copy that connects and converts

  • You’re well aware that when it comes to some things in life (bikini waxes, dental work, and your all-important About page), you’re better off putting your trust in the hands of a pro, while you serve your people by staying in your Zone of Genius

  • You want web copy that feels like you, reads like you, and speaks to your people, and you know that it needs a conversion-maximizing strategy behind it.

  • You’d describe yourself as bold.




    You have both confidence and courage.

    When you do something you do it with 100% of your heart.


Curious about what this package entails?
Here’s a sense of the transformation you can expect.


  • Your web copy is starting to feel a bit stale.

  • Your site is attracting the wrong subscribers. When they even open your emails, they’re not engaged or excited to hear from you because they don’t really get what you offer.

  • Your website just kind of sits there… not great, not terrible… but definitely not speaking to your ideal clients in a way that makes them think “Wow, I’d love to work with her!”

  • As it is, you experience a little inward cringe every time you share your site. Your visitors might not know it’s out of date, but you do. And you’re ready for a change.


  • Your web copy feels fresh, fun and oh-so-you.

  • The subscribers on your email list are actually people who’d LOVE to work with you; they’re open to your offers thanks to the ultra-relevant opt-in they sought out in the first place.

  • Your FB messages are full of compliments from new leads, letting you know how much they loved your site.

  • On any given day, you feel like a badass pro at what you do. And the best part is, that confidence is starting to seep into everything else that you do.

If that “After” sounds good, here’s the easiest way to get there:


Here’s how I take you from cringing to confident:


The first thing we’ve gotta do to get this copy project off the ground is get crystal clear on two key things: your audience and your offer.

We’ll do this face-to-face in your Kickoff Call, so that we can get to know each other and avoid sending endless emails back-and-forth.

I’ll walk you through the Google Folder where our docs will live, our Asana project, and my Brand Clarity Questionnaire (a little bit of homework— but worth it, I promise!).

2 Deep Research

I have built my castle talking about the importance of Voice of Customer research, and that is exactly what happens in the first phase of our project.

To understand exactly how they talk about their problems, their context, and their dream solutions, I’ll interview at least five of your current or former clients (ideal clients, if it’s a new brand you’re launching).

I’ll also create a survey for you to share with your audience, do a Competitor’s Content Audit of your 3 closest rivals, and mine for messages in Facebook groups and forums related to your niche.

When I’m done, we’ll get on a Clarity Call so that I can present my findings, keep you in the loop on how you’re audience are thinking, recommend a killer opt-in, and make sure we’re on exactly the same page when it comes to my next steps.

3 Web Copy: Writing & Wireframing

This is where the magic happens.

Where the science of my market research meets the art of my natural writing talent (ahem, if I may say so myself) and I put my fingers to the keyboard to craft your compelling copy.

There’s not much left for you to do from this point on except for decide how you’re gonna celebrate the launch of your new site. (Cupcakes or margaritas?)

I’ll get in touch if I have any questions—otherwise, we’ll connect again for our Web Copy Reveal Call, where I walk you through your brand new copy so that I can hear your oohs and ahhs.

Your copy comes ready in a wireframe that you can hand right off to your designer for immediate implementation.

Finally, this call also includes a round of live revisions so that you’re 100% thrilled with the finished product.

4 Welcome Sequence: Writing

Next up—the emails in your welcome sequence.

I’ll whip up a series of emails that’ll move your subscribers effortlessly from curious new fan to faithful follower and likely buyer.

We’ll go through these on your Email Reveal Call, again, making live revisions (if needed) as we go.

5 Launch Party

This is it— you’ve got copy for your website that’s guaranteed to connect with your ideal clients (because, hey, it’s written in their very own words).

Trust me, it feels pretty damn good.

You get to launch your new site and deploy those emails in your email marketing platform before pouring yourself an Aperol spritz.

6 Testing and Validation

Did you think I’d bail as soon as your copy was delivered?

Think again, friend.

Once your copy’s online, I’ll do another round of revisions to make sure that it’s at its conversion-maximizing best.

And after your emails have gone out to 100 new subscribers - or 2 weeks, whichever comes first - I’ll check in to make sure that your subject lines are getting ‘em opened and your CTAs are leading to action.

Wondering if this package is right for you?

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