It’s your worst-case-nightmare scenario:

Hopelessly hitting refresh on your sales page’s analytics, wondering how on earth it’s possible that you’ve:

  • Promoted your new program to your sizeable list

  • Spent a solid amount on ads to get you in front of exactly the right people

  • Been visible AF on both Facebook and Instagram ever since your offer went live

…But you’ve still only had one person sign up.



Even when you know that your audience wants what you offer…

When you’ve validated their interest and the value’s immense…

It’s still the copy on your sales page that decides whether your readers
hit sign up or turn you down.

(No pressure though!)

The trick is to start with a rock-solid foundation:



Hate feeling sleazy every time you write sales copy?

The “What hurts?” Framework is all about meeting your ideal clients where they are:

Struggling with that frustrating problem you’re uniquely qualified to solve.

And as you describe what it feels like to live in that discomfort, you show them that you understand what it feels like to be where they are.

Because authentic sales – and compelling copy – is all about empathy.

This step by step guide walks you through:

→ The framework itself + how and why it works

→ The questions you need to ask and answer in order to write compelling copy

→ Sales page best practices that'll help you avoid conversion-killing mistakes

→ A sales page template you can use to draft anything from the long-form sales page for your online course to the package description for your signature service

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So who am I?

Hi, I’m Katie Peacock.
Conversion copywriter + funnel strategist.

(Also Canadian expat & Netflix fanatic.)

I help ambitious women entrepreneurs make more money from their existing products and services.

With conversion copy that’s based on deep market research, so that it’s guaranteed to connect with your ideal clients.

“When I first came across Katie’s site, I felt such a strong connection to her copy that she was the only copywriter I considered.

It was like she was reading the thoughts running through my head. I was convinced that if I was so inclined to reach out to her based on her copy, she could do the same for my business.

Katie brought more than just amazing copy skills to the table—she took initiative and anticipated my needs. I told her a bunch of my disconnected thoughts and ideas, and she turned them into copy that’s not only cohesive, but downright mesmerizing!

Kate Webster | Founder of To Serve

Kate Webster - Pic Circle.png


I created The “What hurts?” Framework to help entrepreneurs like you write more effective sales pages.

Because the experience of reading your sales page is a make-or-break moment in your relationship with your audience.

And so that nightmare scenario never comes true for you.