In this 2-hour training – designed to help you write better sales copy FOREVER–
we’ll cover:

  • The strategy ALL successful copywriters use to make sure they never start writing from scratch

  • My “What hurts?" Framework: The Simple, Non-Sleazy, Empathetic Way to Write a Sales Page that Converts

  • The exact headline formulas and page structure I recommend you use

  • How to dig deeper into your motivation and your ideal clients’ current struggles— so that you can draw a clear connection between their problem and your solution

  • How to write to the results of the results, i.e. how you light a fire under your reader’s butt and convince them that they can no longer tolerate the way things are today

  • Plus, I’ll provide feedback on your sales page copy to make sure you’re not making any conversion-killing mistakes.

    Go from stumped on where you’re going wrong to confident you’ve got
    a sales page that can sell.



Writing sales copy is one of those skills you’re going to need as long as you’re in business.

So the skills you pick up in this workshop can help you cash in on a massive ROI.


Learn sales copy skills that’ll pay off for life—secure your spot today for just $147.

Hate feeling sleazy every time you write sales copy?

(Or just hate the fact that it doesn’t connect?)

My “What hurts?” Framework is all about meeting your ideal clients where they are:

Struggling with that frustrating problem you’re uniquely qualified to solve.

And as you describe what it feels like to live in that discomfort, you show them that you understand what it feels like to be where they are.

Because authentic sales – and compelling copy – is all about empathy.



This live workshop is the perfect way to uplevel your copy chops if:

  • You’ve got a launch coming up and you know that you need a sales page that’s on. point. if you want to get the most out of all your efforts so far

  • You’ve noticed that your conversion rates in general tend to be pretty low—you can use this framework and these strategies to write anything from a landing page to a package description for your premium package

  • Every time you sit down to write your own copy feels like you’re starting from scratch. It takes you ages to feel like you’ve said what you need to say, but even then you’re not sure if it’ll actually work.

  • You don’t have the budget to hire a copywriter (yet!) but you know that the pros know something you don’t when it comes to finding the messages that will connect with your idea clients.

  • You’ve got an existing sales page that’s not converting and you’d love to get another (professional) pair of eyes on it so that you can figure out exactly where you might be going wrong.


You: Show up with a sales page that’s not converting or the bones of a new one you’re working on and want to get right.

Me: I’ll bring a strategic sales page framework and my talent for clearly explaining both the why and the how of copywriting techniques.


The result?

You leave with a deeper understanding of how to write sales copy that draws a clear line for your reader between their problem and your solution. (Not to mention, instantly upgraded copy thanks to the live feedback on offer.)


Now you can put these skills to work anytime you’ve got something to sell

  • You know the steps you need to take before you even start writing— that is, the techniques copywriters like me use to find your ICA and figure out what they need to hear

  • You’ve got a sales copy framework you can use in a variety of contexts, and you know how and why it works so you can adapt it as needed

  • Writing copy that connects with your ideal clients feels doable AND you get to enjoy the benefits of that connection in the form of $$$

  • You finally understand what copywriters are going on about when they say that you need to talk about “the results of the results”

  • You get to enjoy more confidence that the sales page you’re currently using is actually doing it’s job


Hi, I’m Katie


I help women entrepreneurs build more profitable online businesses by using deep market research to write copy that’s guaranteed to connect with your ideal clients.

I know that writing the copy for your own sales page can be crazy stressful because there’s so much riding on getting it right.

I put together this live training workshop to help you avoid that stress as you get ready to launch at the end of this year or the beginning of next—

So that you can confidently promote your program, course, or package, knowing that your sales page is doing the hard work of selling for you.

For just $147 you can learn sales copy skills that’ll pay off for life
(that’s less than half what I charge for an hour 1:1!).


“Your copy is mesmerising!”


— Kate Webster,

“Where have you been
all my life?”

“Katie, I love it! 

“I’m so happy with what you accomplished in just a day— this is fabulous! 

“What I think you did really well is make the copy sound accessible and fun, without being hokey. I want my personality to come out and to be authentic, but I’m also a serious professional, and I think you’ve struck the perfect balance with that. 

“Now that I see this, I’m honestly like, “Where have you been all my life?” All those nights of “How do I say this? How can I put that?” are finally behind me. 

“You’ve already captured my personality in the words-- now the design and the images to come will just be the icing on the cake.” 

— Kelley Keller,



Questions you want answered because
you’re curious if this workshop is right for you:


+ Why isn’t this training free?

Because this is not a webinar in which I’m going to tease you with the tricks that I would teach you if we worked together.

This is a live training that will help you understand the process of writing a successful sales page and help you hone your DIY copywriting skills so that you can make everything you write more profitable.

Improving your sales copy skills is one of the most valuable areas you can invest in because virtually ALL promotion you engage in online takes the form of selling yourself with words.

So this is a paid training because of the value I promise to deliver.

Not to mention that I want to encourage you to show up and put these tips to use, right away, so that you can see more sales.

+ Writing is really not my strong suit— Will this workshop help?

The thing is, unless you can already afford to outsource your sales page to a conversion copy pro, you need to improve your sales copy skills as much as you can.

Take it from Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield, who both recommend honing your copy skills when you’re starting out, before outsourcing to a copywriter once you’ve got the means and the reach to make it worth it.

There are a ton of free resources out there that you can turn to for help and inspiration… If you’re good at learning on your own.

But when you sign up for The Simplified Sales Page Workshop, you have the chance to ask questions in real time and get my feedback on your copy, as we go.

+ Is there anyone this isn’t right for?

This training is designed for people who want to learn how to write better sales copy on their own. This is not a done-for-you offer, so while I will be providing feedback, I will not be making significant edits to your copy or doing the work for you.

With that in mind, you’ll get more out of this training if you come with the attitude of “I can do this!” vs. “Bet this won’t work for me”. Because either way, you’ll be right.

Believe in yourself, your offer, and your ability to grow as an entrepreneur? Then you’re a perfect fit.

+ But do I really need a sales page for my offer?

In the words of the OG conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers: “People who spend time spend money.”

Sure, you might be able to flog your freebie on a page with nothing but a headline and a CTA. But when you’re selling high-end packages or a signature course, a sales page is your most valuable tool in proving to your readers that your offer is worth exchanging for their hard-earned cash.

+ Do I need to have a sales page written to get the most out of this workshop?

Nope. If you’ve already got a sales page up and running, then you’ll leave with a better, more conversion-optimized version of it. But even if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll benefit from the pre-work, structure, and strategy I’ll be teaching in this workshop.

You may not get your whole sales page written within this training, but you’ll get live feedback on your first attempts, and, when you register before October 28th, 2019, you’ll get one round of additional revisions via email.

+ I can’t make it at that time— Will this training be recorded?

No worries! If you’ve already got plans for lunch on October 29th, or you live in Australia, and 1 PM is 4 o’clock in the morning, you can grab the recording once we’ve wrapped.

While the recording WILL be available for sale after the workshop has taken place, when you sign up now, you’ll get one round of follow-up revisions on any subsequent changes, so you can watch, implement, and still get my feedback on your copy.

+ Can I use these techniques for my course sales page / premium coaching package / signature service?

In The Simplified Sales Page Workshop, I’ll be teaching you sales copy skills in the context of a long-form sales page.

But the foundational moves that I’ll walk you through are the same steps I take to get started, no matter what I’m writing and no matter what I’m selling.

And after this training, you'll be able to use them anywhere, no matter what you're selling.


Learn sales copy skills that’ll pay off for life—secure your spot today for just $147.