What makes “amazing copy” different from “just OK” copy?

How do you choose the words that will have prospective clients thinking you’ve read their minds?

How can you figure out exactly which objections to slay on your sales page?

The answer to all of these questions is: Research.

The Conversion Copy Research Doc is your shortcut to high-quality voice of customer research that will help you write better copy — faster and more easily.


The Conversion Copy Research Doc includes:

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✔︎ An audit of your top 3 competitors’ value propositions, i.e. what they think makes them different.

✔︎ Voice of Customer research about your audience’s:

  • Burning pains (so that you can position yourself as the antidote to what ails them)

  • Dream solutions (so that you know what they’re dying to buy)

  • Biggest objections (so that you know how to combat them)

✔︎ My recommendations for which benefits to emphasize and how to position yourself in your market

✔︎ A video that presents my findings and gives you tips on how to implement them

✔︎ A 30-minute Implementation Call

Purchase The Conversion Copy Research Doc today, and receive your customized Research Doc delivered within 7 days.

PLUS, for a limited time only, purchasers will have 7 days of unlimited email access to me, allowing you to make absolutely sure that you’re getting the most out of your new knowledge.

Yes, you can do this research yourself.

But you don’t know where to go to get it.
Who to lean in and listen to— and who to ignore.
What questions to ask for the $$$-making insights.
When you have enough.
Or how off-the-cuff remarks can signal deep desires.

I do.


How it works:

I get to work on your Conversion Copy Research Doc almost immediately after you click “Buy Now”.

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll be presented with an online questionnaire to fill out, which will help me get to know your business, your audience, and the context you’re working in.

Next, I’ll get to work researching your target audience: the pains that they’re looking to solve and the words that they use to do so. This Voice of Customer data will form the backbone of your overall messaging, and inform the headlines, content, testimonials, and tone of your copy going forward.

Within 7 days of your purchase, I’ll invite you to a Google Drive folder, where you’ll find your Conversion Copy Research Doc + a video walkthrough of my findings.

Finally, we’ll jump on a 30-min. call to discuss how you can actually USE this research to write better copy faster.


Voice of Customer Research is the basis of all strong copy.

And your Conversion Copy Research Doc gets you a professional copywriter’s research process at a fraction of the price of a copy project.

So that you can write copy that connects with your audience— instead of making their eyes glaze over.

I guarantee that the insight you gain from this research will make the process of writing your own copy easier and more effective.

THAT SAID, if you find that you’re still struggling to put your WHY into words that connect with your audience, you can put the cost of your Conversion Copy Research Doc towards either a Day Rate or a Web Copy project.

Why you need it:

  • Because your value prop is the single most important piece of copy on your site.

  • Because the best and most effective copy is based on what your audience really says and HOW they really say it

  • So that it’s easy to understand the significance of your new data and what it means for your copy going from now on

  • Because the best way to bring it all together is for us to talk it out and make sure your next steps are clear.

What you get:

  • PDF: Audit of three competitors’ value propositions

  • Google Doc: The findings of my Voice of Customer research, divided into sections on your audience’s Burning Pains, Dream Solutions, and Biggest Objections

  • Video: A video walkthrough of your doc, in which I present my findings and where they’ll come in handy

  • Implementation Call: A 30-min. Zoom call to answer your questions and make initial live edits to your site


Compare the ease of writing copy based on fresh Voice of Customer research… to staring at a blank screen, waiting for inspiration to strike…

You know what it’s like to struggle to put your why into words.

Or to sit in front of your screen, wondering why it’s so hard to communicate something so dear to you.

Even worse is when you think you’ve got your copy done—
only to find that it doesn’t seem to resonate with anyone but you.

The Conversion Copy Research Doc is the fastest, most affordable way to get professional copy research.

So that the next time you sit down to write your own copy, you know exactly how to connect with your ideal clients.



Clicking the button above will take you to a check out page, and then we get started right away with the online questionnaire. Within 7 days you’ll have key insights into your audience that will make writing your own copy a lot less effort for a much bigger effect.

After you buy, you should claim this as a business expense under “market research”.