When it comes to your email marketing strategy,
are you ready to stop:

  • Staring at a blinking cursor wondering what to write?

  • Wondering how to segment your list so that you’re only sending relevant information (and much less likely to get labeled as spam)?

  • Sending boring, generic, newsletter type emails, that barely get opened and almost never get clicked?


What if you knew exactly what was supposed to go in the initial emails you send your subscribers?

And what if you felt confident that those emails would actually move them to act?


When you have an actual strategy behind your email marketing, you feel more:

  • Motivated to build your list, knowing that your work has an actual ROI

  • Relaxed— thanks to the knowledge that every subscriber is automatically getting content relevant to their needs

  • Profitable, as your emails warm up your audience and help them along their buyer’s journey with exactly the messages they need to hear

  • Proud of your business. Because that’s what happens when you know you’re doing things right.

  • Courageous! Because When you know that you’ve got an automated emails in place, you can focus on building your business and becoming the biggest name in your niche.


You’re closer to that new reality than you think.

Because all those lovely feelings are side-effects of booking a Funnel Strategy Session with me.



Who am I?


I’m Katie Peacock, the conversion copywriter + funnel strategist who’s going to help you make more money with your email-based sales funnel.

I’m the secret weapon and strategic partner of adventurous women entrepreneurs.

When you need strategic copy that sells your audience of the value of the transformation you offer, you need me by your side.



Your Funnel Strategy Session gets you my brain working on your strategy for three solid hours.

We’ll spend that time discussing whether your opt-in offer is pulling its weight, how to segment your subscribers based on the actions you want them to take, and what actually needs to go IN those emails in order to move your readers towards your ultimate goal: converting them into customers.

You’ll walk away knowing which emails you need to write, who they’ll be sent to, and what CTAs will help get them to your goal.

Sound good?


"Before I found Katie, I was stuck trying to figure out the best way to write an email sequence to sell my online course. It was taking me forever, and I know I wasn’t doing the best job. Now I’ve got an entire email sequence that is engaging and ready to use.

Katie made it look so easy, and the initiative that she took really let me focus on other areas of my business. She was extremely communicative and creative, and she delivered even more than she promised. I will definitely work with her again in the future!"

Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of Ivy Ladder

Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of Ivy Ladder


Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of
sending strategic emails to your list?