Something about how business is going has got you thinking about
hiring a copywriter.

Maybe a slump in sales has you wondering whether your copy’s as effective as it should be…

Maybe you have a sneaking suspicion that conversion-killing blunders are costing you leads…

Or maybe you’re ready to make a leap to the next level…

And you know that it’s time for you to focus on your Zone of Genius.

Because you know that you’ll get better results – and stay infinitely more sane – if you don’t try to write your own sales page (or hand over that critical task to a cheap-a$$ freelancer from Fiverr).

But with so many people calling themselves “copywriters”, how can you tell who’s a safe hire?

You don’t have the time, energy, or the slightest desire, frankly, to “hop on a call” with everybody you like…

So you need an efficient way to separate the experts from the amateurs.

Enter the Free Copy Review…

When you sign up for a Free Copy Review, you get a video recording of me interacting with the copy of your choice.

I give you my take on what’s working and what’s not, actually SHOW you exactly what I mean, and give you a preview of what those changes could look like.

So that you know exactly what caliber of work you could expect from me if we work together.

(Think very, very high.)

Here’s what business owners like you have said about my Free Copy Reviews:

"Katie sent me a Free Copy Review video of the bio on my website. In only 5 minutes, she gave me fantastic tips on how to catch my website visitors' attention and encourage them to take action. In her review, Katie came up with very creative lines for my biography - rephrasing the more formal language I had used.

I love Katie's positive energy, which makes it fun to learn from her. She inspired me to improve my website and think more about the impact that good copy can have. Her Free Copy Review was extremely valuable, and I definitely recommend her newsletter which has amazing tips on how to write excellent copy."

— Joetta Zoetelief,

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Thank you so much!!  

Not only did you make me feel more confident about what I was saying, but your suggestions made me realize what's missing and the edits needed to make it all more appealing to my ideal audience!  I am so excited to redesign my about page using this new copy!”

— Kacy Joie,

“Thank you so much! This was incredibly helpful. I think I vaguely knew my page wasn’t doing everything it could do or should do and your clear assessments were perfect to help me see it from the outside!

— Natalie Symes,

“Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! I’m so appreciative for your guidance, not only in tweaking the current content but also in giving me some general guidelines and principles to work with!

As you were pointing things out, particularly the fact of not leading people away from the sales page, it suddenly seemed so clear!

Now I have a much more realistic picture of what a copywriter could help me do.

So again, thank you for your straightforward, comprehensive and generous advice and the time you took to review me. I’ll be in touch!!”

— Julie Stone,

Your Free Copy Review is…

…yours to enjoy whether we work together or not

…a great way to get to know me and how I think

…the (potential) beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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