A note for North Americans:

I’m located in Graz, Austria, which means my time zone is GMT+2.

While you might think this complicates our relationship, you’d actually be dead wrong. (I mean, you’re the customer, so you’re always right. But in this case, you’re wrong.)

Imagine us having our Kick Off Call in the late afternoon: we meet, we strategize, we make a plan.

You have a nice dinner, a glass of good wine (I’m a cab sav girl, myself), and then hit the sack.

The next morning when you wake up… Your copy is there waiting for you. In a tidy Google Drive folder. With a video walkthrough.

I’ve been here for 9 years now (It’s the wine! It’s so good!), and I’m a pro at making the distance and the time difference work for me, not against me.

So pick the date that best fits your timeline, and don’t worry about the times— I’ll figure that out once we’ve got the ball rolling.

If you have any other concerns before you book, please feel free to book a consult call first so we can put them to rest.

I’m happy to answer any other questions.

Can’t wait to meet you soon!

xo Katie



"Before I found Katie, I was stuck trying to figure out the best way to write an email sequence to sell my online course. It was taking me forever, and I know I wasn’t doing the best job. Now I’ve got an entire email sequence that is engaging and ready to use.

Katie made it look so easy, and the initiative that she took really let me focus on other areas of my business. She was extremely communicative and creative, and she delivered even more than she promised. I will definitely work with her again in the future!"

Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of Ivy Ladder

Leanne Ross, Founder and CEO of Ivy Ladder